Quantitative Analysis / Technology

Quantitative Analysts and Technologists bring immense value and are highly sought after. We work with a range of clients who truly value the worth of quants and technologists and have built an environment to prioritise happiness as well as productivity. Opportunities are across the buy and sell side and we also work with some of the most exciting start ups in the market; so these opportunities range from working on existing platforms through to greenfield projects.

The only technology roles that we are mandated on are for Quantitative Investment platforms. We are not well positioned to help you in your job search unless you already have experience working within the Quantitative Investment market.

Quantitative Analysis

Derivatives Pricing
Desk Strats
Exotic Quants
Financial Engineering
Library Quants

Quantitative Technology

Quantitative Developers
RAD Programmers
Platform Engineers
Front / Back End Developers
Full Stack Developers

Big Data Technology

Transformation / Integration
Computing / Processing