Data Science

Cutting through the noise, helping you to make informed decisions.

There is a huge amount of difference in how companies approach Data Science. These range from structural, functional and technical differences through to the data culture that a company fosters. We paint the full picture when introducing opportunities to you; ensuring you have clarity about how and where the team fits into the wider organisation, how established the team is, along with walking through the technical aspects of the work and the platform.

Organisational Structure

Centralised Data Science Teams
Diffused / Embedded Data Science Teams
Deployed / Hybrid Data Science Teams
Established Data Science Teams
New Data Science Functions
Enterprise / Multinationals
Start Ups

Technical Specialism

Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Neural Networks
Support Vector Machines (SVMs)
Data Visualisation
Data Mining
Natural language processing (NLP)
Text Mining

Functional Specialism

Search Marketing
Spatial Data
Quality Testing
Business Intelligence
Digital Analytics
Actuarial Science
Inventory management