Interest Rate Portfolio Manager, Singapore


Interest Rate Portfolio Manager




June 2020


Excellent Payout Structure


We are working with a global hedge fund who are looking to build their interest rate portfolio management team in Singapore. They are looking for candidates with a sustained track record in Asian markets. Known for having favourable terms for PMs, they are particularly interested in Portfolio Managers who have expertise in AUD, NZD, JPY, CNH and KRW (or combinations of). As they are looking for candidates with an established track record of performance, they are open minded to the nuances of the trading strategy. There is significant capital allocation and generous payout terms on offer for this role.

We are working with a leading, global hedge fund who are looking to grow on an successful 2019 and a strong first 4 months of 2020 by hiring multiple Portfolio Managers in Singapore. They are looking for candidates who have a successful and sustained track record, ideally on the buyside. However, they are open to highly experienced sell side traders, as long as they have substantial risk taking experience. They are open minded around the strategy focus / instruments traded of the PMs, but the fit is likely to be best with linear derivatives.

They are looking for candidates who have experience within interest rate markets but fully expect that many may combine this with also looking at FX/currencies as an additional source of alpha. They have the resource and the appetite to hire more than one Portfolio Manager which also adds to their flexibility in their hiring approach. They already have an established presence in Asian markets from London as well as Singapore and are most interested in Portfolio Managers/Traders who have generated significant PnL in Australia (AUD), New Zealand (NZD), Korea (KRW), Offshore China (CNH), Japan (JPY) and (North Asian rates in general).


  • Substantial and sustained track record generating alpha in Asian interest rate markets (AUD, NZD, KRW, CNH, JPY)
  • Experience working in top tier institutions (buy side experience desired)

Due to demand we are advertising this role anonymously. If you would prefer to speak to someone before submitting a CV please send a blank application to the role and someone will be in touch to discuss.

We can only respond to highly qualified candidates.