Systematic Strategies

With a long track record in placing front office professionals, we have the ideal expertise and network to advise you on, and introduce you to, the next move in your career. With our substantial experience, we understand the nuances of each specific niche allowing us to deliver best in class and transparent guidance about the hiring marketplace. We work with some of the leading hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks all united in their desire to hire and retain the best talent in the market.

Our Coverage includes:

Functions Strategies Asset Classes Institutions
Quant Researchers / PM's Risk Premia / Smart Beta Equity Multi Strat Hedge Funds
Quantitative Developers Long / Short (Stat Arb) Fixed Income (Credit / Rates) Quant (Only) Hedge Funds
Product Specialists CTA / Trend Following Foreign Exchange Traditional Asset Managers
Performance / Portfolio Analytics Macro / Relative Value Commodities Quant (Only) Asset Managers
Traders / Structurers Volatility Cross Asset Investment Banks