Portfolio Solutions, Structuring & Risk

Portfolio Solutions, Structuring & Risk remains a constantly evolving, broad and nuanced talent market.

Jobs are not binary, nor are they static. We understand this and believe that job specifications are inadequate in isolation. We convey the shades of grey and bring colour to opportunities. This is done by understanding the culture, structure and future plans of our clients, allowing you to see how this fits in with your own career motivations and aspirations.

Portfolio Solutions

Portfolio Management
Strategic Asset Allocation
Tactical Asset Allocation
Portfolio Construction & Quantitative Engineering
Portfolio Analysis
Performance Attribution and Analysis
Investment Analysis

Structuring, Trading & Sales

Derivative Structuring
Fund Structuring
Non-Linear Trading (Vol/Exotics)
Product Specialists
Structured Solution Sales
Investor Relations


Risk Modelling
Investment Risk
Market Risk
Quantitative Risk
Model Validation
Stress Test Modelling